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Testimonial from Steve Suvalsky, MHS, PA

Steve Suvalsky, an esteemed member of the American Association of Pathologists' Assistants (AAPA), has provided SteriLab with valuable insights during the development of LABboards Disposable Laboratory Cutting Boards.  The result is a disposable grossing surface that saves histology labs time and money.

 The following are some direct observations from Steve:

 "The softness of the paperboard allows me to use one LABboard for as many as 8 placentas and only use one #60 blade.  This means that to gross 8 placentas, the cost is $2.50 verses $8.00 for 8 #60 blades that it would take to section this many placentas (on a re-usable board)"

"I was able to section colons, uteri, gallbladders much quicker because the measurements on the LABboards and the fact that I use fewer blades.  Not having to move a ruler around also saves time."

"The LABboards are ideal with placentas, mastectomies, colons, hysterectomy specimens and other large viscera that require several measurements prior to sectioning."

"The disposable LABboards prevent permanent discolorations or contaminations common with re-usable cutting boards."

The scored wings can be easily folded up to keep fluids from flowing beyond the specimens."

"Pathologists, residents and Pathologists' Assistants will find the LABboards simple to use with faster clean-up."



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