Disposable cutting, grossing, dissection and tissue processing surfaces for every laboratory procedure.

(If you don't see it, ask us about Sterilab's free R&D consultation services.  We can design and develop a custom cutting, grossing, dissecting or tissue processing board specifically for your unique laboratory procedures.)

Lab Supplies, Cutting Boards, Grossing Boards

cutting pads 

Skin Processing

Finally, an all-poly, single-use cutting board designed specifically for processing dermatome recovered skin.

      Tissue Processing

All-poly tissue processing  LABboards with metric measurements help make tissue dissection, sectioning and grossing accurate and convenient.

LABboards lab supplies are useful in:

 Pathology Labs

Medline AVID Fisher Scientific

 Medical Schools

Debridement Labs

 Forensic Labs

 Medical Research Labs

 Pharmaceutical Labs


Histology Lab Grossing Boards

Histology lab supplies grossing

Laboratory Disposables


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7" x 18" All-poly Skin Processing Boards

Product # 0718A

12" x 18" All-poly Tissue Processing Boards

Product# 1218AM

Also available in single-use polyethylene coated blank paperboards with fold-up sides

12" x 18" Poly coated paperboards

Product# 1218BLANK

18" x 24" Poly coated paperboards

Product# 1824BLANK



                12" x 14.5" x .060" thick                 polypropylene sheets

                        Product #1214DB

Polypropylene 6-well specimen side trays

Specimens will migrate to center of curved wells for clear angled viewing and accessibility.

5" x 3.5" x .5"

Product #LAB3x5TRAY

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